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This album features 10 stunning, 2 page spreads. Each spread is created as one print, spanning two full pages. Rather than having a cut between the pages, these use a micro-fold leaving no separation between the print. This creates the panoramic look and the lay-flat binding. These top quality albums offer a simple, fun and modern way to showcase your photos. They are also availble in a mini "pocket/purse--size" 4x4 album -- boasting the same outstanding quality, lay-flat binding and micro fold spreads in a tiny, portable package.

OPTIONS: Leather or Linen cover? The leather albums have a hard 2mm substrate between pages. Only 100% full-grain, natural leathers are used. They are selected for their grains, strength, and quality.
The linen albums' pages consist of photographic paper glued back-to back, making them flexible and thin.

Leather Linen  
4x4 - $150 4x4 - $125
8x8 - $525 8x8 - $225  
10x10 - $625 10x10 - $300  
12x12 - $775 12x12 - $350  
Pricing includes 10 spreads (20 pages), add $20 for each extra spread (2 pages). Add $30 for 2 lines of cover engraving.